The best Pinterest group boards to join by niche

Fed up from looking for Pinterest Group Boards to Join?

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Finding new Pinterest group boards to join can be a real chore and being accepted to group boards is even more challenging.

Because I appreciate you all so much I have done some homework, so you don’t have to.

Below is a HUGE list of over 200 Pinterest group boards that are accepting contributors right now!

The boards are broken out by niche so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

If you’re new to Pinterest you may be wondering what group boards are and why they are important. Let’s get into that…

What Exactly are Pinterest Group Boards?

Group boards are similar to regular Pinterest boards, except you can have multiple contributors to that board. You’ll know you’ve found a group when you see a circle with a few faces in it – like the below example in my Blogging Tips & Resources group board.

Pinterest group board called Blogging Tips and Resources

Group boards have an owner who sets the rules, which they state in the group board description. Always make sure to follow the group rules, otherwise, there’s a good chance you’ll be removed from the group.

It’s also extremely important to repin other content in the board, so Pinterest sees it as an active board. This makes the Pinterest algorithm happy. By pinning other content will actually help you succeed as well.

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Why Are Pinterest Group Boards Important?

Pinterest group boards give you a larger reach for your Pinterest content.

By contributing to group boards you are able to reap the benefits of Pinterest group board owners who either have:

  • A larger number of followers than you.
  • Completely different followers.

It’s also important to contribute to Niche boards as they perform better than the ‘catch all blogger pin anything boards’.

Niche boards are found and followed by Pinterest users who have a specific interest in the content in that board.


Pinterest Boards: Tips for Joining

1. To contribute to any Pinterest board you must follow the board and the board owner. Pinterest won’t actually let board owners invite someone unless they follow.

2. Some board owners will ask you to message them via Pinterest. To find the board owner simply click on the 3 circles in the top right corner of the board. This will show all of the contributors and the very top person is the board owner.


Pinterest group members

3. If the board owner asks you to email them, make sure you send a positive, helpful email that will help the board owner decide whether to add you.

  • Ensure you have content that falls under that board owners niche.
  • Share your Pinterest profile link + Pinterest email.
  • Follow any other requirements the board owner has.
  • Communicate that you are looking forward to joining the board and will follow the board rules.
  • Be professional! (I have had many requests from people that ask with no please or thank you).

If you follow the above tips it will be a lot easier to get approved to the Pinterest group boards you are applying to.

Also, note: Many board owners get hundreds of requests, so be patient. They will eventually get to your request.

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Pinterest Group Boards To Join By Niche:

The best Pinterest group boards to join today


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Personal Growth and Self Improvement Group Boards

Self Care


Self Care Tips

Mindful and Intentional Living Group Board

Inspired and Mindful Living

Personal Growth and Self Care

Intentional Living

Counselling and Mental Health Tips and Tools

self care

Personal Development

Journey to a Life you Love

Positivity and Happiness Group Board

Dream Life | Group Board

Simplifying Life

Create Your Best Life Group Board


Health & Wellness Group Boards

Health and Wellness

Health and Fitness

Health and Wellness Group Board

Wellbeing Warriors

Positive Health, Weight Loss & Wellbeing

Yoga Group Board

Health and Wellness

Essential Oils Group Board

Mental Health



Food & Recipes Group Boards

Delicious Food Blogger Recipes

Vegan Recipes Everyday

Healthy Meal Planning on a Budget

Healthy Meals Challenge

The Ultimate Food Bloggers Board

The Best Budget Friendly Blogger Recipes

Quick Dinner Recipes

Meal Ideas

Ultimate Gluten Free Recipes

Homemade Recipes

Juicing Veggies & Fruit


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Mom Life & Parenting Group Boards

Family & Parenting

Stepmom Life

Motherhood Timeless Tips

Mom Life

Kids and Parenting Tips and Advice

Parenting | Family | Kids

Parenting Group Board

Single Mom Life

Mom Life {Group Board}

Everything Mommy

Best Family Faith Blogs

Intentional Motherhood

The BEST Parenting Strategies

The Bump and Beyond

All About Mom


Home and Garden Group Boards

Home & Garden Tips & Projects

For the Home

DIY Home Decor

*Farmhouse Style & Living*


Gardening Group Board

Plants | Garden | Outdoor Decor

Home Organisation Tips

Zero Waste | Waste Reduction Ideas, Tips & Life Group Board

DIY House Beautiful!

Home Improvement Group Board


Organization & Decluttering Group Boards

Simplifying Home

Keep Clean and Organized Tips and Tricks

Organizing & Decluttering Inspiration

All Things Home Group Board

Organization and Storage

Organization Ideas for the Home

Organizing Brilliance!

Organization Tips

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DIY & Crafts Group Boards


Crafty Kids

Homemade Gift Ideas

DIY Handmade Gifts

DIY Crafts – Amazing Crafts on Pinterest Group Board

Best DIY Pins!

Craft Corner

DIY Projects & Ideas

“Most Pinned” DIY Tutorials


Money & Frugal Living Group Boards

Motherhustlers: Personal Finance

Finances & Frugal Living

Organized Money Matters

Saving Money

Show Me the Money Bloggers

Living a Frugal Life

Personal Finance Tips

*Saving Money*

Money Saving Mom Group Board

{Money Saving Hints & Tips}

*Save Money Tips*

All Money Matters

Personal Finance Round Up


Love and Relationships Group Boards

Secrets to a Happy Marriage

Marriage and Relationships Group Board

Dating, Love, Romance, Relationships

Date-Night Ideas

Dating, Romance, Relationship Stuff

Love and Marriage


Love Quotes & Relationship Quotes

Relationship Advice & Tips Group Board

Relationship Advice & Dating Tips


Quotes Group Boards

Attitude of Gratitude

Quotes to Inspire and Motivate

Positive Inspirational Quotes

Pinspirations – Postive Quotes for Repinning

Awesome Quotes

*Quotes About Life*

Motivational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes, Words of Wisdom…

Quotes – group board

Quotes, Sayings and Affirmations


Productivity Group Boards

Maximize Productivity

Goal Setting

Time Management Tips

Productivity & Time Management

Time Management, Productivity & Planner Love

Productivity & Organisation

Productivity and Time Management


Blogging & Social Media Group Boards

Blogging Tips & Resources

Blog + Biz Tips

Blogging Tips and Ideas for Beginners

Blogging Tips

Social Media Tips

Blogging Tips + Tricks Collab Board

Blog + Biz Babes {group board}

Pinterest Marketing Tips

Social Media Tips

Blogging Tips Community Board

Blogging & Design Resources {Group Board}

Just Pinterest Strategies

Blog + Business Tips

Social Media + Blogging Group Board

Social Media Marketing Done Right


Business Group Boards

Marketing Strategies: #GIRLBOSS Business Tips

Small Business Tips

Girl Boss // Inspiration group Board

Small Business Tips

Small Biz & Startup Tips

Bloom Your Business

Digital Marketing || Online Marketing

Blog + Business Tips (Group Board)

Grow Your Blog + Biz

Mind Your Business


Work From Home / Entrepreneur Group Boards

Working From Home

Make Money from Home

Work From Home Bloggers Only

*Make Money From Home*

Solopreneur Strategy Group Board

Online Side Hustles

Freelance Resources

Digital Nomad and Freelance Group Board

Women Entrepreneurs: Social media, Blogging, E-commerce

Entrepreneur Success

Side Hustle Hacks


Career Group Boards

Career Advice

Inspiration for the Leaders of Today and Tomorrow

Career Advice for 20-Somethings Group Board

Work and Life: Tips for Success

Millennial Career Bloggers

Job Interviews Group Board

Career Tips for Women


Creative Group Boards

All Things Photography

Creative Biz Owners

Creatively Inspired

Photography Tips


Let’s Get Creative


Travel Group Boards

Travel with Baby

The Best of Family Travel Group Board

Best Travel Bucket List Ideas

Ultimate Travel Bucket List

Freaking Awesome Travel Destinations

Travel This Beautiful World

The Best Travel Tips and Ideas

Travel Addicts

Travel Blogs Share

Happy Jetlagging! *Travel the World*

A Traveller’s Guide to Globetrotting

Inspiring Travel(ler)s


Christian Group Boards

Christian Living

By His Grace Bloggers Group

Walking By Faith

Encouragement for Christian Moms

Blessing Counters Group Board

Best Family Faith Bloggers

Ladies of Grace

Moments of Hope – Christian Inspiration and Hope


Homeschooling Group Boards

Homeschool & Working-Yes! You Can!!

Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Tips and How To’s

Learning at Home


Homeschool Resources

Homeschool Organization


Fashion Group Boards

Fashion Bloggers Group Board

Fashion Bloggers We Love

Best Fashion Community

Look Du Jour

Millennial Fashion & Lifestyle Bloggers

Blogger Style

The Weekly Style Edit – Best of Fashion Bloggers

Professional Style for Women Entrepreneurs, Working Moms, Careeristas Community Board

Fashion Trends Group Board

Fashion Bloggers | How We Wore It


Beauty Group Boards

Beauty & Hair Tips

Beauty Bloggers {Group Board}

All Things Makeup

Best Makeup Tips, Products & Looks

Beauty Bloggers (Group Board)

Beauty – Share Your Best

Best Beauty Community

BEAUTY – Share Your Best

**Best of Beauty**

Organic Beauty Babes



Additional Tips to be Added to Pinterest Group Boards:

  • Spy on your competition! See what group boards they are contributing to and then make a request if the board is open to contributors
  • Check out this Pinterest Group Boards Facebook page. You can do a search by topic and see what’s available. You can also promote your own group boards in the group.
  • Search on PinSprout – a new Pinterest group board directory. You can search for boards and submit your own, as long as you have a minimum of 1000 followers.
  • Reach out to the group board owner. If you see a board you’d like to contribute to, but it doesn’t say how to join, find the owner and send them a Pinterest message or email them directly.

This will be an evergrowing list, so check back often for updates.

Still looking for more Pinterest group boards to join? Check out my friend Terryn’s Ultimate Pinterest group board list.


What’s Your Favourite Pinterest Group Board?

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