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The Best Types of Blog Posts To Increase Your Website Traffic

When you run a blog and you are writing content frequently, you might get into bad habits by writing the same types of blog posts every single time.

I’m here to remind you (and give you inspiration) to mix things up and start writing different types of blog content.

This will help you appeal to new audiences and keep your current readers more engaged.

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The Benefits of Writing Different Types of Blog Posts

  1. Cure writer’s block!
  2. Release more creative content.
  3. Test the performance of different styles of blog content.
  4. Keep your writing interest high.

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Before we get into the different types of blog posts you can write for your blog, you need to make sure you are doing one thing right in all of your blog posts…

No surprise, but I am referring to SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are a number of extremely important items you need to have present in all of your blog posts in order for your content to show up in Google and other search engines.

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Now, let’s walk through the best types of blog posts you can start creating today…

15 Blog Post Examples To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Types of blog posts to increase website traffic


1. List Posts

People love lists. They love making them and reading them.

Writing a comprehensive list that can provide solutions for your audience is an easy way to develop content.

Creating lists for your readers means that you are helping them by doing homework that they don’t have to. Check out the example of list posts below. These took a long time for me to create, but save my readers a TON of time.

The ultimate goal is for me to help my reader and that’s where these list posts come in…

Examples of Lists Posts


2. Personal Story with Advice

Getting personal can also mean that you are simply telling your story.

Sharing a little of yourself with your audience is a great way to help your readers get to know you and connect with you.

You can do this no matter what your niche is and I highly encourage it. In fact, I wrote a post on my other blog about having authentic conversations with your audience and how you can do this in different niches.

One thing to keep in mind about personal stories… Make sure to weave in how you can help your audience with this information.

Yes, you are sharing something personal, but you still need to find a way to help your readers.

Examples of Personal Posts:


3. Tutorial / How To Blog Posts

How to / tutorial posts are about you sharing your skills and expertise with your readers. These posts can take longer to write so you can share the exact steps you take to create, develop or make something.

The time spent on these posts is worth the effort as these are your cornerstone content posts.

Tutorial / How To Posts Include:

  • How to solve a problem or provides a solution
  • Step by step information and instructions
  • Photos of examples

I consider recipe posts to fit into this category as well, as recipes always have step by step instructions and provide photos.

Examples of Tutorial / How To Posts:

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4. Round-Up Posts

A round-up post is where you link off to other content, which related to a specific topic.

Round-up posts are a fantastic strategy to strengthen your relationships with other bloggers as you’ll be promoting their content and in exchange, they will promote your round-up post.

Examples of round-up posts:

Tips for Round Up Posts:

  • If you are using an image from another bloggers post, you must get permission to use it.
  • When you publish your round-up post let everyone involved know so they can promote for you.
  • There are some Facebook groups that are set up for people looking to do blogger rounds ups. Check out: RoundupPalooza and if you are part of Mediavine they have a social share group that does loads of food roundups.


5. Interview Post

There are a couple of ways that you can do an interview post.

First is to do a traditional Q&A piece where you are interviewing one person.

The second way is to combine the round-up format with an interview component. This way you set the interview questions that a handful of people respond to.

Here’s a great example of an interview post in round-up format: How to Grow Your Instagram – Advice from the Experts.

The Best Way to set up an Interview Post:

  • Make a list of who you want to interview and reach out asking if they are interested.
  • Create your questions in advance and email over, asking the person to respond back with answers.
  • Make sure to get permission to use the interviewee’s photo
  • If interviewing more than 1 person, reach out to more people than you need as some may not respond back.
  • Let the interviewee(s) know when the post is live so they can share to their audience/social channels to promote.

6. Review Post

Writing a review of a product or service is a great way to help your audience and provide information on how something worked for you.

You can write a review of one item or do a comparison review of 2 separate products/services that you have personally tried.

This helps your readers make a decision on the best way to move forward.

Examples of review posts:

Tips to Make Money from Review Posts:

  • Include an affiliate link of the product you are promoting.
  • Offer review posts to potential brands as a way to collaborate with them.

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7. Opinion Post

Opinion posts are different from review posts as you can give your thoughts (good or bad) on any topic.

An opinion post might be:

  • Sharing how you think differently than the average person on a certain topic
  • Giving your personal perspective on a topic your readers are drawn to.

Sharing your opinion allows your reader to know what you’re passionate about and if they have the same beliefs this is a great way to create a deeper connection with certain readers.

Examples of Opinion Posts:


15 Types of Blog Posts You Need To Grow Your Blog

8. Quotes Post

People LOVE to share quotes – especially on Pinterest.

Posts related entirely to quotes are a great way to inspire your audience on any topic. You can literally have quotes that relate to any blog niche, so if you haven’t written one yet go for it!

Tip! I recommend using the following tools for your quotes posts:

  • Canva: To design images with the quote that people can easily share to Pinterest
  • Better Click to Tweet” WordPress plugin: This allows people to quickly share a variety of tweets about your post. Like this…
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Examples of Quotes Posts:


9. Tips Post

Sharing wisdom and advice in the form of tips is a great way to format your blog posts.

Tips are usually numbered which helps create more white space (this is good!). More white space makes it easier for your readers to digest all of the information on a page.

This means more time spent on your page!

Providing content in a tips format is also fantastic for you to share helpful information with your audience. Whether you have strong knowledge in a certain area or if you have researched helpful tips, this format is ideal.

Examples of Tips Posts


10. Guest Posts

Guest posts are a great way to generate more content for your blog, especially when you are busy! If you’re going away on vacation, working on a special project or just want to vary up your content. Offer guest posts on your blog.

How to Get People to Guest Post:

  • Create a ‘write for me page’. Here’s an example of the guest posts wanted page on my lifestyle site (feel free to submit an idea!).
  • Communicate that you are looking for guest posters in Facebook groups
  • Let your email list know in a newsletter that you are accepting guest posters.

You might also be wondering…

Why do People want to Guest Post?

They do it for a couple of reasons, such as getting their name out there, taking advantage of larger websites audiences and building backlinks to their blog.

Building backlinks is one of the main criteria for improving your domain authority which is very important for SEO.

Examples of Guest Posts:

If you’d like to guest post for Full Circle Digital, contact me!


11. Resources Page or Post

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger, money blogger, food blogger, mom blogger, a how to blog blogger – you should have a resources page!

The resources you share can be related to a few things:

  • Learning tools: Books, courses, reference websites – that you recommend for your readers
  • Products: This is where you can include products you love and use
  • Your Own Products & Services: You may have a shop on your blog or other places you are promoting your products and services, but also make sure to include your offerings in your resources page. The more places people can find your content the better!

Examples of Resources Pages:

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12. Blog Post Series

A blog post series is where you take a theme or specific topic and write several blog posts.

A great example of this is from a blog I follow, Reduce, Reuse, Renew, who has a weekly ‘Anxiety Stories’ series. Laura’s series is made up of interviews to help normalize anxiety by showing people’s stories from all walks of life.

What is a blog post series?:

  • A blog post series is more specific than a blog category.
  • It is ideal if you have one big idea with a lot of supporting content. You can then break up that idea into 4 or 5 posts – or even more!
  • A blog post series gives you the chance to show your expertise on a topic.
  • It can last for a specific amount of time or be ongoing.


13. Video Post with Supporting Written Content

Adding video to your blog posts means you are increasing the time spent within a blog post.

Increase time spent means you’ll make more money from advertising and increase engagement with your readers. So, video is a win/win solution!

To add video in your blog post you can include an original video that you have created or 3rd party content from YouTube.

How to Add YouTube Videos To Your  Blog Post.

  • Click on the ‘SHARE’ link under the video.
  • You’ll get a popup. Click on ’embed’.

This is what you will see…

YouTube Video embed code

Simply copy the embed code and then paste the code into the ‘Text’ tab in WordPress.

Your readers will then be able to watch the video within your blog post.

Examples of Video with supporting written content:


14. Seasonal Content

Writing about seasonal content is a great way to massively increase your page views.

If you plan your content well in advance throughout the year this can be a big driving factor in reaching your blog traffic goals.

Content focused on the holidays can be published right after Halloween and it will begin to grow tremendously if you plan your SEO and Pinterest right.

There are also other big seasonal content opportunities throughout the year:

  • New Year New You: Goals, resolutions, healthy eating
  • Valentines Day: Relationship posts, romantic recipes, “Galentines” Day
  • Easter: Recipes, faith, family traditions
  • Mother’s Day: Recipes, gift ideas, how to celebrate
  • Father’s Day: Gift guides, BBQ/Grilling recipes, personal stories
  • Summer: Travel, family fun, outdoor activities, frugal staycations.
  • Back to School: Fashion, deals, productivity, goals
  • Halloween: Crafts, recipes, costume ideas, parties
  • Thanksgiving: Family traditions, recipes, fall activities
  • Holidays: Holiday baking, entertaining, crafts, DIY gifts, gift guides, family traditions, saving money
  • Winter: Snow activities, indoor activities, beating the winter blues, self care

There are more, but if you want to focus on seasonal content, these are the big holidays and seasons that can generate a great deal of traffic for you.

Examples of Seasonal Content:


15. Freebie Download Post

Creating a blog post 100% dedicated to a freebie is a great way to gain more traffic.

Just go and type ‘free printable’ into Pinterest and you’ll see all of the ideas that come up.

With freebies that you are offering your audience you can include them in another blog post, but if you want to generate more traffic, link to a dedicated post that has the freebie!

Example of Freebie Blog Posts:

I hope you found these blog post examples helpful so you can break free from writer’s block and continue writing great blog content.

What’s Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write and What Will You Try Next?!

Share in the comments section below… 🙂

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15 Types of Blog Posts To Grow Your Traffic