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Hey there!

I'm Yolanda, a Pinterest expert and digital marketer for entrepreneurs.

After almost 20 years in corporate marketing and finding great success with my self-improvement website for women, I share with you online marketing strategies to take your business to the next level.

I have a great love of marketing, blogging and all things digital and I’m here to help you master these skills and drive huge success in your business!


As an entrepreneur, blogger or small business you have a lot to think about! I'm here to guide you through tried and tested marketing strategies so you can reach your goals & find success.

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Pinterest Marketing
& Management

Pinterest management, account audits, 1on1 training, account set-up & clean-up, pin designs services

Graphic Design &
DIY Templates

Custom design services for Pinterest & social media, DIY social media graphic templates and more!

Content Creation &
Freelance Writing

Blog post writing, SEO writing & formatting, editing, social media posts, and podcast transcription editing


  • “Yolanda did an incredible job of designing and creating my company’s website. She had a clear project plan that she executed on time and on budget.

    I had a lot of fun learning from Yolanda about the importance of SEO and how to ensure consistency of my brand across multiple platforms beyond the website. It was a great pleasure and learning experience to work with Yolanda.”

    – Jenn,

    Jenn Cutajar – Coach, Sales Leader, President
  • “I started with Yolanda’s Pinterest templates and then went through a blog and Pinterest audit. The templates were amazing, but the actionable advice she gave on how to structure my posts and market them through Pinterest skyrocketed my traffic. After making changes to my blog and Pinterest accounts, my traffic went up to 10K page views/mth. As I continued to follow Yolanda’s advice, that traffic doubled to 20K page views just a month later! Yolanda knows her stuff and because of her help, I have moved closer to my goal of making my blog a consistent and significant revenue source for my business. Simply put, Yolanda’s fantastic and you’ll want to hear what she has to say!”

    – Becca, with Love, Becca

    Becca Carnahan – Career Coach, Blogger & Author
  • “Yolanda’s audit was so in-depth. I’ve taken many courses on Pinterest marketing before, and her report taught me new things. I love that it was customized with examples that really helped me see why what I was doing before wasn’t working.

    Just making a couple of tweaks suggested by Yolanda started moving my traffic needle. And when I decided to streamline my life and outsource I knew without a doubt who had the knowledge and skills to take over my Pinterest and help me grow! I am so thankful for all that she has done for my Pinterest account!” – Lisa,

    Lisa Tanner – Freelance Writer, VA & Blogger
  • “Yolanda is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She makes Pinterest a breeze as she completely takes over and does a fantastic job of driving traffic to our blog.

    Yolanda creates stunning pins, takes care to maximize keywords and scheduling, and makes our Pinterest profile look incredibly professional.  In 6 months she took us from zero to almost 60,000 viewers! I would always recommend Yolanda for your Pinterest needs!”

    – Charlie,

    Charlie Cameron – Realtor, Property Investor, Entrepreneur
  • Jenn - Clear The Noise Coaching
  • Becca Carnahan, with Love Becca
  • Lisa Tanner
  • Charlie - Agent Wealth Hustle