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Looking for Facebook Blogger groups To Join?

Many of us bloggers know about the value that THE RIGHT Facebook blogging groups can have on our business.

If you are new to blogging, this is the key to start generating page views and engagement, increasing your social media followers and building a network with like-minded bloggers who can help you over time. It’s a ‘scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ mentality, which is SO helpful to new bloggers.

If you’ve been blogging for a while you have most likely noticed the quality of Facebook blogging groups can be very different.

I am here to Help you Find the Right Facebook Blogging Groups for Your Online Growth

I’ve been blogging for 3 years and have joined MANY Facebook blogging groups over this period in time. Some I love and engage with all the time while some worked for a while and I ended up leaving.

Today I’m sharing with you the TOP Facebook groups I highly recommend based on personal experience.

These Facebook Groups are Essential in Helping:

  • Build strong blogger relationships. This is a hugely important factor as a blogger. Building your name and personality in the blogging community means that other bloggers want to help you promote your content and share in your successes and losses. This of the blogging community as your coworkers – not your competition. These relationships are extremely important in your growth as a blogger and they are fun and enjoyable to have on a personal level.
  • Grow your social media following. No matter what stage you are at in blogging, leveraging Facebook blogging groups to grow your social media following is key. People want to follow others in their niche. By increasing your followers in the blogging community that means other bloggers, which larger following will also promote your content to their followers. This is a great way to get a larger or different audience to see YOUR content 🙂
  • Give your new content a promotional boost. If you’ve just published new content a great way to get it out there is to engage in promotional threads. Many groups have daily threads to help you promote all parts of your blog and online business.
  • Help you answer questions and get feedback. We all know blogging can have a lot of questions! Use the groups you’re in to ask. Get branding feedback, ask for technical help, survey other bloggers, etc. The best part is you will get honest answers and this is super important to help you fix a problem and grow.

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10 Best Facebook Blogging Groups I Recommend You Join Today!


1. Blogging With Heart

Blogging with Heart is different than most groups as there are some criteria in being accepted. First, you have to be someone that truly ‘blogs with heart’. This means you are someone who wants to engage with others and help out. You aren’t just joining to drop your links and go.

Blogging With Heart is ideal for: Women, moms, bloggers across all niches & bloggers who are looking to help others.

What you can expect: Multiple daily promotional threads, feedback to your questions and ‘get to know you’ weekend threads.


2. Blogging Like We Mean It

This is a large blogging group that focuses on support, answering questions, talking about current blogging issues and resources.

There are a number of seasoned bloggers in this Facebook group who answer questions quickly so it’s a great place to go if you need a problem solved. People are friendly and want to help out which is really nice.

Blogging Like We Mean It is ideal for: All bloggers, new and seasoned, bloggers who want to learn and get support.

What you can expect: Facebook lives on hot topics, genuine feedback on the latest courses and trends, plus help in all areas of blogging.


3. Blogging Babes Collective

This group was built to help new bloggers and is a great resource to ask questions and also promote content on a daily basis. Blogging Babes Collective is a very active group full of women who enjoy helping one another out.

Blogging Babes Collective is ideal for: New and more experienced bloggers.

What you can expect: Daily promotional threads 7 days a week.


4. Blogging for New Bloggers

As the name states this is a great place for new bloggers however, there are actually more seasoned bloggers that participate as well.

This is a large group (over 20,000) members. I usually stray away from larger groups as I find people don’t support each other as much, but Blogging for New Bloggers is different.

I really love this group and I feel it helps drive traffic. It’s also run by bloggers in Australia so it’s a great way to increase traffic in a number of different countries as their threads go live Aussie time 🙂

Blogging for New Bloggers is ideal for: All bloggers, those looking to promote content and get great engagement (I think that’s all of you)!

What you can expect: Daily promotional threads 7 days a week. Tip: If you live in North America, post first thing in the morning to get the most engagement.


5. Blog Passion Project

This is a smaller but active Facebook blogging group. It’s run by a number of lovely bloggers who truly want to help you succeed.

This is another great group to grow your Instagram presence as there are daily Instagram threads, along with other useful promo threads.

Blogging for New Bloggers is ideal for: Female bloggers, millennial bloggers.

What you can expect: Daily promotional threads 5 days a week. A great place to learn and grow with others.


6. Canadian Bloggers Unite

Yes, as the name says you must be Canadian or live in Canada to join. I run this Facebook blogging group and it’s a great place to discuss blogging topics specifically related to Canada and of course support other Canadian bloggers.

We have regular threads and I strongly encourage everyone to ask any questions they have. It’s a place for feedback and engagement with fellow Canadians.

Canadian Bloggers Unite is ideal for: Canadian bloggers from all niches, those looking for support on all things blogging.

What you can expect: Daily promotional threads 5 days a week, solid engagement from others, answers to your questions.


7. Bloggers Unite on Pinterest

If you’re looking for a great Facebook blogging group that helps you promote your latest pin, this is it. There is a daily thread 7 days a week for you to share.

What I like is you can contribute and complete this promotional thread very quickly and also see great results. It’s a great way to boost your latest pin.

Bloggers Unite on Pinterest is ideal for: All bloggers, those who have high-quality Pins to promote.

What you can expect: Daily repin thread, 7 days a week, weekly follow thread, pin click-through thread and group board collaborations.


8. Blogger Education Network

If you have any questions about blogging this is another group that delivers. Whether you have technical problems, need advice or feedback Tracie (the group owner) answers questions.

Pinterest Group Boards is ideal for: All types of bloggers who need help in various aspects of blogging.

What you can expect: Honest answers to your questions!


9. Bloggers Camp

This is a good size blogging group with decent engagement in all threads. It’s a great place to ask questions and participate in daily promotional threads. I like this group as there are people from all over the world in it.

Pinterest Group Boards is ideal for: Bloggers looking to connect with fellow bloggers and get help promoting their content.

What you can expect: Daily promotional and collaboration threads.


10. Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

If you’re looking for a group that has promotional threads that get a lot of engagement – this is it. There are threads to ask questions, promote your latest blog post, get support on social media and more.

Pinterest Group Boards is ideal for: Bloggers who want to boost their shares and engagements on posts and social media.

What you can expect: Daily promotional and collaboration threads.

After all of the blogging Facebook groups I have tried these are honestly the top groups I recommend.

Note, the above groups also have high-quality content for you to promote. There is nothing worse than trying to reciprocate in a group when you want to steer clear of the content that others are promoting due to quality issues.


Are you a blogger or online entrepreneur?

Tell me if there are any other Facebook blogging groups you love in the comments section below.


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