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Want to Know How to Get More Traffic from Pinterest? It Starts with the right Pinterest images!


Many of you have heard that testing new Pinterest images, copy and call to actions is a great way to drive more traffic to your website from Pinterest.


What decisions should you make before designing that pin image?

Here’s the quick process I go through before I create new Pinterest Images: 3 Tips…


3 Must So Pinterest tasks before you design a new pin


1. Go to Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics screenshot

  • Once you are in your analytics, scroll to the Top Pins section and select ‘link clicks’ from the drop-down menu.
  • In the left menu, go to Claimed Accounts and select your website address.
  • Now scroll back down and take a look at your top pins which are displayed based on link clicks over the past 30 days.
  • IMPORTANT! Take note of the Link Click Rate (percentage in brackets) which shows the number of clicks compared to total impressions. THIS will give you a general sense of what pins are performing best.
  • Looks for your highest Link Click Rates and see if there are any similarities between the top-performing pins.

Do they have similar copy, i.e. FREE?

Is there a similarity in the pin designs? Same fonts or background colours?

Take note of what is working and this is how you should plan your next pin design.

*To begin tracking your Pinterest metrics, download these FREE printable Pinterest metrics & optimization worksheets…


Pinterest Analytics Metrics to Track Every Month + Free Pinterest Worksheets

How to Design High Performing Pins

2020 Pinterest Planner & Strategy Guide

2. Test Two different Pin Designs (A/B Testing)

You’ve already taken note of the type of design you are going to create. Once you create this pin, design a second pin with a different element.

You might decide to change the image, change the colour of the fonts, or change the fonts completely.

Make this change on your 2nd pin – and make sure you are only switching out 1 element.

Here’s an example from my lifestyle site of simple A/B testing:











This is what you call A/B testing and it’s important to try this once in a while to understand how to create a high performing pin.

You’ll notice that I changed the main image and yes I made a minor 2nd change of the script text so it matches the image, but that’s it.

Which one do you think performs best?!

Would you be surprised to hear that one of them has a 67% click-thru rate while the other has a horrible CTR of 8%?!

But which one? Tell me what you think in the comments below πŸ™‚

Want some help designing Pinterest Images?

Download my Free Pin templates which are super easy to edit in Canva!


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3. Test Your Own Theories with Your Pin Designs

You may have heard from others before that certain colours don’t work on Pinterest or images of faces don’t work, but try this out for yourself then you will KNOW what works for your content.

Of course, I’m happy to share how I make pins perform well, so you can check out this article for that.

No matter what, understand how certain designs work for YOUR content.

Sure, it’s great to get advice from others, but what works for some topics can be completely different for other topics.

For Example: A pin about managing productivity is very different than a chicken pot pie pin. The audience if different, the topic is completely different and the pin image designs are different. Therefore what makes a person click through can also be different.

So test, test, test and make your own conclusions.


Bonus Tip: How Many Pins Should You Create?

The sky is the limit! Seriously.

If you have a blog post that performs really well, keep designing new pins for that content to ensure you can make it last for as long as possible.

Other reasons you want to create multiple Pinterest images for blog posts:

  • You want to drive more traffic to underperforming posts
  • Pinterest LOVES new content and new content doesn’t have to be a new blog post. It is simply a new pin design
  • New pins can also drive traffic to old posts that may not have performed very well in the beginning. (You know those ugly pins we all created when we first started blogging?! Time to refresh!)

Now, I DO NOT recommend you add all of these pin images to your blog post. It’s fine to add 2 or 3, but more than that is too much. For all new pins, you can upload directly to Pinterest.

Have questions about Designing Pinterest Pins?

Let me know in the comments below and I’ll help you out πŸ™‚


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Before you design new Pinterest pins do these 3 things


Before Designing New Pinterest Images, Do These 3 Things