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If we ask our friends or family for feedback on our website, blog or product you may see that you’re getting mostly positive feedback with lack of detail.

Why? Sometimes friends and family don’t feel comfortable giving true, honest, constructive feedback.

When launching a website/product or making improvements it’s good to get real feedback from your actual target audience. They won’t be shy about telling you what they love, hate and everything in between.

The best way to get honest and true feedback is to give your audience a forum to provide feedback anonymously. This is where the truth comes in!

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Use these Feedback Tools to Improve Your Website, Blog and Product is a QA (quality assurance) resource that many large companies use.

For small business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs, you may not have a budget at this point in time to pay for this service,  but I’m happy to share that they actually offer a FREE TRIAL!

I personally used this trial for my other blog and I was able to get 3 anonymous testers, within my target audience, to answer specific questions about my blog.

Going through this process confirmed some changes I was thinking of making and also provided me feedback on some other areas that I could optimize. | How it Works:

The testers are asked to go through all of your questions/tasks and verbally give input and feedback while their screens are being recorded.

It is super cool to hear someone talking about your online business/website and seeing them navigate through your site!

You can set this up for mobile, tablet or laptop.

Side Note: If you are looking to make a bit of extra cash you can also become a user tester if you are approved. You can apply here.


Survey Monkey

Get constructive, honest feedback on your website or blog with these tools. This will help you improve your blog and enabled you to get to know your target audience more!

Survey Monkey is a great tool as #1 – it’s free. With a free account, you can ask up to 10 questions per survey. Once you start to get feedback you’ll see how powerful this data can be.

What’s great about Survey Monkey is that the data is supplied in a user-friendly format…

Get constructive, honest feedback on your website or blog with these tools. This will help you improve your blog and enabled you to get to know your target audience more!

You can choose a number of different setups which is handy – such as multiple choice, dropdown, text boxes, etc.

You will want to make sure you are sending this survey out to your target audience, otherwise it won’t give you the true feedback that you need to optimize and improve your site.

Once you have created your survey in Survey Monkey, you want to make sure to get YOUR AUDIENCE to answer the questions for you.

Here are the best places to Connect with Your Target Audience


Facebook Groups

If you’re a small business, entrepreneur or blogger there are hundreds of Facebook groups you can join. The benefit of joining these groups is to collaborate and interact with like-minded people, but it also means you can get feedback to your specific questions. Big bonus!

Don’t be scared to ask direct questions that could help you out.

For example:

  • Not sure on a logo design, ask the group.
  • Can’t figure out which tagline connects with your audience, ask the group.
  • Need feedback on your navigation set up – you know what I’m about to say – ask the group!

The above questions are ideal in entrepreneur, small business and blogging groups – but what if you need feedback from a more niche audience?

Let’s say you are targeting:

  • Busy moms
  • People who want to lose weight
  • Those looking for motivation in life
  • People who need help with organizing
  • DIYers
  • Woman looking to work from home
  • Couples who want to be debt free
  • or whomever you are looking to speak to

Just do a search on Facebook. There is honestly a group for everything!

Go find your group and when you get there, interact.

SURVEY TIP: Get to know your audience in the group and once you have more of a relationship with people – share your survey.

People like filling out survey’s and giving feedback so it will be easier to do than you think.


Your Facebook Business Page

This is an ideal place to ask for feedback and share the survey you have created. Let your audience know that by understanding their needs you’ll be able to create even more content that they will be interested in.

You can also use the polls feature in your Facebook page for quick feedback, but by creating an annual larger survey you can really dig deep into your customer/audience needs and wants.


Email Subscriber List

Another great place to share your survey is your email list.

You are interacting with this group of people on a regular basis so you will most likely find they will be eager to give you feedback. You can remind them that their feedback helps you to create more content and experiences with them in mind.


You will learn a lot from this process

Getting honest and reliable feedback will help you:

  • Plan new content for the future that you know your audience wants and/or needs in their life.
  • It will help you update the navigation and functionality of your site.
  • Most importantly – it will help you truly get to know your audience. What keeps them up at night, what they wish would be simpler for them, what inspires them, etc.  This will allow you to create problem-solving content

Tell Me:

If you could get any feedback on your website, blog or product – what would you ask?

Share your question below and I’m also happy to provide you feedback.


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Free Feedback Tools To Greatly Improve Your Blog

Free Feedback Tools To Greatly Improve Your Blog