10 Bright & Bold Pinterest Templates, Editable in Canva


10 fully customizable bold & bright Pinterest templates, editable in Canva.

Note: Prices are in US dollars.




  • 10 easy to edit Pinterest templates you can customize in Canva right away.
  • Stop trying to perfect your Pinterest designs. These high-quality, beautiful images have been optimized to maximize clicks and send you more traffic.
  • Save time, so you can focus on other tasks. Simply change the text, colours and background image – voila, a brand new pin!
  • Perfect for all types of content… blog posts, quotes, products, printables and loads more.
  • Fully customizable & easy to edit. Pinterest loves new content, so simply change the background image/ text/colours and you have a new pin ready to upload to Pinterest or your blog post.
  • Increase clicks to your website. More clicks = more page views!
  • Optimized for Pinterest with 2/3 sizes –  Templates are 600×900



  1. You will get access to one Canva template file
  2. Make a copy of the template file and rename so it saves in your Canva account. **This is important so you don’t lose your work.
  3. Scroll through the 10 template designs and select the template you wish to customize
  4. Keep the layout and customize what you like – the font type, colors, background images, etc.
  5. Once your template is updated download as a PNG or JPEG.

It’s that simple.

Note: These template designs are built so you can easily drag and drop new images into each dedicated space. I have also provided completed designs with photos included to give you inspiration.


*This product is a final sale. As this is a digital product that is received once you make your purchase, there are no refunds.

10 Bold and Bright Pinterest Templates

Product Images

10 Bold and Bright Pinterest Templates, edit in Canva

Bold and Bright Pin templates


Bold and Bright Pin templates



How will I receive the templates?

Once you purchase your editable Pinterest templates you will receive an email with a PDF that provides you with an access link, plus gives you instructions and valuable tips for editing.

How do I customize the templates?

You can change the background image, font type, text and colours. Just keep the layout!

How do I only keep just one template image to download?

Option 1. Make another copy of your templates, then rename. Now you can delete the 9 templates you are not using and just keep the one template you are editing. Once complete download as usual.

Option 2. Edit the template you are working on, which will be alongside the other 9 templates. Once complete select download, then click on the ‘Select Pages’ dropdown menu. Then select the page you’d like to download.

Can I use a free Canva account to access and edit these templates?

You definitely can!

Wait, what is Canva?

Canva is a free graphic design tool. It’s easy to use for non-designers with a simple drag-and-drop format. It provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts.

Have other questions?

Send an email to info@fullcircledigital.ca and we’ll get back to you.


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