why pinterest?

Today more than 400 million people around the globe use Pinterest every month. Being a visual search engine, Pinterest users are actively searching for ways to be inspired and to plan. As a marketer, this audience is of great value to your business as they are looking to engage with your content and take action.

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Pinterest has a strong user base of women (77%), however the male audience is growing… 40% of U.S. Dads are now on Pinterest where they are researching, shopping and planning for fatherhood.

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64% of pinners described Pinterest as a place to find ideas, products or services they trust.

Pinterest is truly global with 50%+ of pinners living outside the US.

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Pinterest has a longer pin lifespan than any other social network. High-performing pins can drive traffic for years (honestly) compared to other social networks posts being seen for as little as 18 minutes to 48 hours.

What if you could...

Drive substantial traffic to your business website or blog so you can get your content, products and services in front of more of the right people?

Have more control over the growth of your business?

Find a trusted partner to deliver results that directly help you reach your goals?

Yolanda Ridley from Full Circle Digital

Hi! I'm Yolanda, a pinterest expert & digital marketer

After 20 years in digital marketing and growing two websites into full time income, I’m excited to create a custom plan for your business growth… with the power of organic Pinterest marketing.

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Ideal for: Content creators who primarily create their own images/pin descriptions and need a helping hand with additional designs, SEO and scheduling.


Ideal for: Content creators & small businesses who need a little more support with designs, Pinterest SEO and more in-depth monthly reporting.


Ideal for: Content creators & small businesses who want to hand over day to day Pinterest tasks and require in-depth analysis for traffic & monetization opportunities.

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Pinterest 1on1 training

Pinterest account audit

Pinterest account set up or clean up

Tailwind set up

Custom designed pin templates

Pinterest keyword research & pin description rewrites

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Charlie Cameron

“Yolanda is an absolute pleasure to work with.  She makes Pinterest a breeze as she completely takes over and does a fantastic job of driving traffic to our blog.  She creates stunning pins, takes care to maximize keywords and scheduling, and makes our Pinterest profile look incredibly professional.  In 6 months she took us from zero to almost 60,000 viewers!  I would always recommend Yolanda for your Pinterest needs!”
– Charlie Cameron, Agent Wealth Hustle

Lisa Tanner

“Yolanda’s audit was so in-depth. I’ve taken many courses on Pinterest marketing before, and her report taught me new things. I love that it was customized with examples that really helped me see why what I was doing before wasn’t working.

Just making a couple of tweaks suggested by Yolanda started moving my traffic needle. And when I decided to streamline my life and outsource I knew without a doubt who had the knowledge and skills to take over my Pinterest and help me grow! I am so thankful for all that she has done for my Pinterest account!” – Lisa Tanner, LisaTannerWriting.com

Pinterest management services - FAQ's

Depending on the age and activity of your Pinterest account you should begin to see some positive results in the first month. However, a truer representation of Pinterest growth will show after 4 to 6 months as many pins need this time to get traction. 

Quite simply we can take all things Pinterest marketing off your hands… account set up or clean up, pin design, keyword research, writing pin descriptions, publishing and scheduling pins, Tailwind management, delivering optimization recommendations, monthly reports and more.

Unlike traditional social media channels, Pinterest is technically a visual search engine and therefore people are actively looking for inspiration and content to consume. The life of a pin can be years long vs a Facebook or Instagram post that lasts only hours. Pinterest, therefore, is the #1 traffic driver (outside of search) for successful blogs and content-based websites.

Yes, when we begin to work together a 3-month contract is required. After we will work on a month to month basis, however, if you book a 6-month package this comes with a discount and some fantastic bonuses!

Yes! I offer Pinterest design services as well as DIY pin graphic templates you can purchase in my shop. In addition, I offer Pinterest audits, Pinterest coaching calls and Pinterest 1on1 training.

See above for more details.

The monthly Pinterest report you will receive covers the following: Pinterest Analytics and Google analytics numbers review, (customized based on your business goals), overview of your top 5 posts from Pinterest, optimization recommendations to implement for the month ahead, updates on best practices, feedback on how you can increase core business metrics (leads, sales, subscribers, traffic, etc).

finally grow your traffic, leads & sales

Reach your business goals with the power of Pinterest marketing.

Apply for Pinterest management services below. Here you can clarify what package you’d like to get started with.

Customized packages are also available based on your goals and budget.

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